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AyA Water Results Released – Jaco Beach is Clean and Safe

20 January 2010 1,913 views One Comment
Jaco Beach in front of La Paloma Blanca

Jaco Beach in front of DayStar's La Paloma Blanca

Jaco Costa Rica is clean and not polluted according to AyA labs results which were released a few days ago.  AyA is the Costa Rican ministry that is responsible for drinking water and water treatment and they sample beaches around Costa Rica as part of the Blue Flag program.  However, the AyA lab results just release showed that 6 other Costa Rican Beaches are still contaminated.

Before stepping foot in the water, best to be sure that the beach or river is not on the AyA list of the contaminated, following the findings by the water and sewer utility high contaminations of fecal matter in at least six beaches in Costa Rica. Testing by the Laboratorio Nacional de Aguas de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) shows that the beaches of Los Baños, Portete and Cieneguita, in the province of Limón; the Tárcoles, Giacalillo and Quepos beaches in the province of Puntarenas, have a high level of contamination of fecal coliforms. These AyA lab results indicate that the above beaches are not fit for swimming.

In the meantime, Jaco Beach and Tamarindo passed the lab test after three years of water of very publicized water pollution problems. There was a huge effort by the business community spearheaded by management at DayStar along with the Canton of Garabito to clean up the water problems in Jaco. The result is Jaco is no longer on any of the polluted beach lists and continues to pass water tests. DayStar Properties in Jaco Beach has built many condos which brought many resident/owners to the clean up effort, who were concerned about Jaco Beach water pollution. Jaco Beach clean water lab results proves a community effort of engaged residents and business leaders can make the difference.

The accepted level in Costa Rica of coliform in the water is 240 coliforms per 100.000 milliliters of water. Some results to highlight where beaches are still polluted are Portete beach which the lab results showed 10.000 coliforms & Los Baños tested at 7.500 coliforms which are very elevated. Other moderate polluted beaches are Cieneguita beach tested at 700 coliforms, Tárcoles 850, Gucalillo 500, and Quepos 400.

One of the problems faced by these communities is the lack of local organizations to work in correcting the problems. The AyA tests the water quality of the beaches around the country as part of their “Bandera Azul Ecológica” program.

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  • Costa Rica Flooding and Storms said:

    […] Lucky for us here in Jaco, we have not received any of the Costa Rica flooding that has been happening as near as Parrita which is just 30 minutes south of Jaco. The five feed rivers into Jaco Beach is a source of angst and joy for Costa Rica flooding. Our rivers here in Jaco allow most of the rain water to drain and drain rapidly into the ocean so it is a great joy to have them. But when it comes to Costa Rica flooding, the rains are indiscriminate and take everything and anything with it, which is what happened two years ago when the same rivers were polluting Jaco Beach. That is not occurring any longer since the town and residence got together to clean up their act. You can read more about that issue here […]

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