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Croc’s Casino Resort Breaking Ground in Jaco

18 June 2013 2,337 views 4 Comments

Croc's Casino & Resort Interior PhotoThe buzz in Jaco, Costa Rica is swirling around the biggest project to ever hit the Central Pacific coast: Croc’s Casino & Resort. Thursday June 20, 2013 Croc’s is officially breaking ground and will be accompanied with a poolside reception attended by CEO and Owner Dag Hascall.

Community and top business leaders are elated and thrilled that the Jaco economy and it’s reputation will receive a boost on Thursday by re-shaping Jaco Beach into a truly a top international and national tourist destination.

While some local competing resorts will likely not welcome the competition, Jaco leaders say Croc’s Casino and Resort’s infusion of revenue and jobs into the local market will help all businesses and residents alike.

Croc’s Casino & Resort in Jaco  Is Taking Its Business in the Community Seriously

crocs-casino-and-resort-jaco-beachfront“The timing for developing in Jaco is perfect” says an elated Dag Hascall, Owner and CEO of Croc’s Casino Resort.  The community of Jaco, Costa Rica on the scenic pacific shoreline is ready for a new offering designed to attract a new clientele that is socially responsible.  A clientele that knows that a business venture that is actively supporting the local community is respectful and one that they value  when making the decision to spend their vacation dollars.

Croc’s Casino Resort is already showing that getting involved in the community  started with its 48 million dollar economic investment in Jaco and understanding that changing the lives of the over 300 new team members it will highly train and employ is critical its success.  With construction underway immediately following the June 20 ground breaking, Croc’s Casino Resort will soon launch its next campaign, one that encourages the local Costa Rica workforce to become bi-lingual in an effort to land one of the lucrative job opportunities becoming available soon.  With an aggressive 18 month construction timeline, local job seekers will need to become equally aggressive learning English as their second language.  Job descriptions in almost every category will favor bi-lingual candidates.

Additionally Croc’s Casino Resort will become highly visible in the community as a big player in Jaco, supporting and sponsoring community events and organizations designed to help those in need.  Its exact place in this community service is yet to be precisely determined, but the owner’s wife, Jennifer Hascall has taken on the work to find the right way to make a difference.  Meetings begin this week with community leaders that will guide her through the real needs of Jaco and its surrounding communities, so that she can make informed choices on behalf of Croc’s Casino Resort and the Hascall family.

More about the new resort being developed in Jaco Beach

crocs-casino-and-resort-jaco-beach-condoCroc’s Casino Resort is a richly diverse hotel-casino-resort in Jaco, Costa Rica.  It is located in the exclusive north end.   Croc’s Casino Resort is poised to be the predominant casino resort in Costa Rica and will change the landscape of Jaco and the Costa Rica’s Pacific coast forever. A soaring 17 stories, Croc’s Casino Resort will feature 152 hotel rooms, 44 luxurious condominium residences, a Las Vegas style casino, beachfront resort pool, restaurants, disco, spa, the “Croc Habitat”, retail shopping and meeting and convention facilities.Impeccable service advancing the guest experience will be provided at Croc’s Casino Resort and will surely elevate the standard of service expected on the Coast of Riches, Costa Rica.Operated and managed by Rory Hascall, long-time Las Vegas Executive and a highly professional team of executives, Croc’s Casino Resort is your best bet in Costa Rica.

For More Information please contact:
Esteban Martinez-Publicist   Croc’s Casino Resort
(506) 6006-9021

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  • Jaco Waco said:

    I heard through the grapevine that Laura Chinchilla chose not to attend the crocs event because she was scared of getting dengue. Of all people she would know that the government of Costa Rica and its business elite have been attempting to sabotage Jaco tourism. The business elite and cronies of government officials have vested interests in the Guanacaste region where mega all inclusive resorts are located. Dragging their feet on the fight against dengue in Jaco is the modus operandi but their purposeful neglect resulted in the death of a 19 year boy from dengue. All of a sudden the ministry of health jumped into action and began to operate in Jaco and begin spraying to control population growth.

    If you think this is paranoid or nonsense, think back a few years when the Gift of Happiness campaign launched by ICT or the Costa Rican tourism board. The rules of eligible hotels to be part of the program excluded Jaco based on the fact that Jaco has no official 5 Star hotels/resorts. Guess who determines who ranks as a 5 Star hotel? ICT. The program purposefully welcomed all hotels to enter but made sure the rules of eligibility of participating hotels would exclude Jaco since ICT does not rank any hotel in Jaco as a 5 Star. Here in the states we call this “stacking the deck” The Costa Rican government is complicit in the rise of dengue in Jaco because of their inaction and failure to address the issues that have been here for years. The governments inaction is supported by the business elite in the hope that Jaco’s reputation would falter and lose tourism business with the expectation that Jaco’s loss would be Guanacastes gain. But they miscalculated and their inaction caused the death of a young vibrant 19 year old national.

    I can point out even another event in which the cronies of government officials tried to destroy Jaco’s tourism by leaking to the press a study of the beach bacteria levels. Jaco officials had not even received the report and learned about its existence from the press. In this issue, Jaco government and local business leaders tackled the problem head on and the following year Jaco was awarded the Blue Flag for its clean beaches and water. I am sure Jaco will do the same and tackle the dengue problem on their own.

  • Juan Eduardos said:

    I would never pretend to know much about the previous comment made, but as a person who spends a lot of time in Costa Rica, I honestly feel that the elite families that control the Costa Rica government are not showing concern for the citizens of Costa Rida. How many Ticos can afford to stay at this resort, or even enter the casino? Due to the excessive import taxation on imported goods, and the deplorable minimum wage in Costa Rica, a vast percentage of the population is living in poverty.

    This new casino is not exciting to the Tico people, except for those who might land a minimum wage job working there. This is a Gringo casino and hotel which only Gringos can afford. I wonder how many politicians were paid off to get this casino approved?

  • Scott Christie said:

    That has to be the most asinine comments I have read about a beach development in Costa Rica.

    Earth to Juan Eduardos or whatever your name is. Take a look at the beach line of most tourist destinations, the keyword here is tourist. Jaco has been an armpit where Costa Rican have sucked the nipple of tourists for the last 15 years. By either robbing them, selling them their land, or working in a tourism related business. It was not until tourism dollars began to make that place livable and decent enough even for the Ticos themselves. Before most San Jose residents visited San Carlos or Tamarindo for their vacations or weekend getaways.

    Very strange comment and likely posted just to knock the new casino. In summary, of course it is not being built for ticos. Anyone pretending to be building a multi million dollar resort and casino for tin roof dwellers is plain dumb and stupid. As far as talking about the elite in Costa Rica, they are no different than anywhere else in the world. Any business who pretends to show altruism towards their local community is a wolf in sheeps clothing or is a pure communist. Whichever one you choose,their goals are the same to pursue their own agenda. One uses bribery the other uses police tactics.

    I was in Jaco last year and before that was 8 years ago before the bubble burst. The local people living in Jaco have been insulated from the global meltdown and have most definitely improved their standard of living. You got to love when you hear people talk about min wage jobs, as if it is a natural born right to earn more. Self responsibility and pursuit of your own personal agenda is alive and well in Jaco and those who cry about it are those who have been pushed out or failed to get on the gravy train.

  • paul mcmurray said:

    Well let me chime in, and tell the naysayers a little story about the people that are building this resort. this is a great American success story about hard working people that started out with nothing.
    I went to school with Rory Hascall, worked with him, hung out with him, rented a house with him back in small town Iowa. Either one of us had anything. We busted our butts, worked in a truck stop,worked in a beef plant pushing beef, anything to make a buck. I went into the Armed Forces, Rory went to vegas. He worked hard and made it big, so good for Rory. If we would have sat around and cried about about how unfair life was, neither one of us would have amounted to anything.
    Rory is smart and determined. This resort will be a huge success. I seen what he did in Vegas, I know him. Watch out naysayers, he is gonna succeed again.


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