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Gisele Bundchen’s Santa Teresa Wedding Mishap

10 April 2009 4,668 views 8 Comments

gisele-and-tomThe NFL star quarterback Tom Brady who married Gisele Bundchen in Santa Monica last month had a private wedding once again for close friends and family. The couple which chose to use Gisele Bundchen’s Santa Teresa, Costa Rican beachfront home for their family was acosted by paparazzi. 

Yuri Cortes admits that he was sneaking around Gisele Bundchen’s residence during the wedding nuptials and was caught by the perimeter security guards. Once found, this is where the stories diverge into typical Latin sensationalism. Yuri claims that the guards attempted to steal the memory cards from his camera but that he was able to escape. While “escaping” he says the guards shot at the vehicle from behind nearly killing him.

On the other hand, the guards and the security detail inside the home said they were not aware of any shooting but acknowledged having to warn people from broaching the property of Gisele Bundchen. Tom Brady’s agent back in the states said Tom’s bodyguards know nothing of a shooting incident. 

According to AP, Costa Rican authorities are looking into the claim from the reporter who posted photos all over the internet of the damage to his vehicle but only one photo of Gisele. Anyone, who knows Santa Teresa will see that the uri-cortez-5-320x200story is filled with “holes.” Not only are the road near the beach narrow but they are not flat and anyone who would be attempting to drive at high speed to escape would be bouncing up and down like a Pogo Stick. Thus, making it nearly impossible for the shot to occur as they claimed. The bullet went through the back window and then cracked the front windshield in the center between the seats and the roof and dashboard. 

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where the beach houses are so closely built and people walking around barefoot would have heard the gunshot and defintely would have noticed the glass in the sand roads. Nothing has been reported by the locals which consist of mixture of Tico’s and expats. Santa Teresa is a hotpsot for surfers and people who want the peace and serenity that Costa Rica offers in remote locations. If there are any new developments we will be sure to report them as soon as we get them.


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  • CostaRicaPete said:

    I disagree, the story is not full of holes as you say. First, I would try to take the memory cards also, that makes senses. Second, being shot from behind, the glass probably imploded into the car, and there would not be a lot left in the sand. Third, the home is probably far enough from a populated beach that gun shot would not be heard. Fourth, I have driven in that area and there are stretches of roads that are not too curvy or bad. He would have been shot driving down her driveway, not a public road, so her driveway was probably paved, unlike the public roads. Finally, just because a car is bouncing, does not mean you can’t fire a shot in the back window and still have it hit the front. Nothing ridiculous in the photographers claims.

  • Editor (author) said:

    Greetings CostaRicaPete,

    Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your visit to our site. Personally, I have shot rifles and hand guns many times while living in Arizona and being able to shoot a gun while the car is bouncing and speeding away would not result in a perfect lateral entry and exit hole. Furthermore, from a source known to me these people did not have any access to the homes private drive. But we all have our opinions and I appreciate yours. Thanks for your time.


  • aj said:

    it is an insult to my my intelligence to even be writing, i live in santa teresa, have been to giselles house, know the security guards, and this is all bullsh#t who f###ing cares… we should all look at ourselves and realize that if this is what we care about we are f###ed as a human race. i can respect what they both do but only to an extent…. if either one of them steps up to better the living situation here in santa teresa ie. paving the road , the local schools. law and order in a place where they like to spend time. not just dumping money to some german lady taking advantage of cheap labor to build there get away home!!!!!
    i would ………..well what can i do? keep living the dream and paying for molasses to keep the dust down from her mercedes benz. oh i forgot she traded it for a truck that looks more “local” ;;
    and it is all because idiots like me pay attention to what a lucky girl from brazil with a nice ass does on her second wedding day .. and i say lucky because i have been to brazil and girls like that are a nickel a dozen, ;even here in the good ol s.t. costa rica ;but damn that man can throw the pig skin huh???????????????????????

  • steveg202 said:

    I also own in Santa Teresa but visit yearly for vacations only. The above poster(commenter aj) clearly does not speak for the community. Surely the truth lies someowhere in the middle. In a small town that respects privacy the shutterbug was not hurt but aggressively warned about privacy. Locals do appreciate Gisele who chose our lovely town just as we all did. Gisele provided work to locals and did buy a truck that fits in well. If you ever have a chance to visit you’ll fall in love. Forbes calls in one of the 10 best beaches in the world. Great surfing, sunsets over the beach, white sand, monkeys, etc.

  • Editor (author) said:

    A site visitor sent us a question asking:

    Where does giselle bundchen have a house in Costa Rica?

    The answer is the house is located in Santa Teresa, which is located on the Nicoya penisula of Costa Rica. Most of the locals can point out the house which has super security,so do not even try to ring the doorbell.

  • Matt said:

    Santa teresa isn’t a paradise, not anymore… too many thieves, dirty beaches, people don’t smile, high prices to be in south america where there isn’t a doctor until 3 hours of car… it’s nice for holyday but, definitly, not to for living!

  • Jacob said:

    Santa Teresa doesnt have dirty beaches, the community cleans it twice a week.Now, if you call dirty because in rainy season it gets longs on the beach that its called nature.
    People doesnt have to smile and for sure wont to somebody with such rude and scornful manners.Actually everybody says hi to everybody, so if you dont get a smile from anybody…that speaks outloud about you.
    Yeah, the prices are higher in this part of Costa Rica, its a beach town, and in high season for sure it will be more expensive you cant compare this to SJO for example,and you have prices that suits any budget, bed ranging from $5…
    There are 2 private doctors in town, about 10min from Santa Teresa, but if you dont have $5 to pay a bed i guess you wont have $20to pay a doctor and i wont ask if you have travel inssurance.
    And…this is Central America, not South America…go back to school.

  • bernie said:

    i too know this area well,giselle has been a positive by and large.di caprio was staying there before when they were romantically linked and i guess she likes it!its a beautiful spot,the beaches and wildlife are great,roads are appalling,wheres all the tax money gone!prices are a p..s take,thru the roof,decent accomm is way overpriced ,food too which isnt that great,i think in terms of emergency treatments theres no good hospital nearby,docs yes 2 of them,thieving has gone up a lot in recent years unfortunately and some unsavoury characters about,some of them are foreigners that live there,scammers and fraudsters,giselle needs to be aware of that as she may become a victim to some of the machinations going on down there,i hope that she too doesnt become a financial victim of some of the scammers there,but perhaps if she does she’ll sink him!

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