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Jaco Beach Nightlife

12 June 2011 25,560 views 5 Comments

Jaco Beach nightlifeAfter a long day at the beach or on one of the many adventure excursions you can take, Jaco Beach nightlife begins at a number of popular clubs. The nightlife in Jaco Beach Costa Rica ranges from elegant bars, discos, to live music entertainment. Below is a list of Jaco Beach nightlife spots and places to visit if you are new to Jaco’s club scene.

Because of the new Caldera highway reducing transit time Josefinos(San Jose residents) will travel here to enjoy the Jaco Beach nightlife along with locals and tourists alike. While the list of Jaco after hour spots are reputable businesses, you still need to keep your wits about you so you do not become a victim of theft which is the most common problem at Jaco clubs and Jaco bars.

Jaco Beach Nightlife Options

Listed here is general information about the different Jaco Beach clubs and bars but you will need to check for specific events and promotions with each business. These Jaco nightclubs are not listed in any particular order of preference or popularity.

The Monkey Bar in Jaco Beach:
For a high energy Jaco Beach nightlife dance bar that plays Reggaeton, Hip Hop, and other great music. Great place to dance, drink and meet all types of people. Monkey Bar Jaco Beach is a reborn version of the now infamous Monkey Bar that opened in the same location in 2005
Hours: 10-2:30am Friday and Saturday
Website or additional information: None, but have a Facebook page
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Los Amigos Jaco
If you want great food plus a bar scene then Los Amigos is for you. Top shelf beer and liquors along with giant LCD’s everywhere you look with the latest music videos. Nightly drink specials and nightly themes sets Los Amigos Jaco apart from the standard Jaco Beach nightlife spot. With the excellent service you might forget you are here in Jaco Beach. Also, if you are looking for a Costa Rica night club Cam, they have one here
Hours: 11:00AM – 1:00AM Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 2:00AM Friday Saturday
Website: http://losamigosjaco.com
Cover Charge: none
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Le Loft:
If you want to feel like you are in SOBE, then Le Loft is for you unless you forgot you are visiting Jaco Costa Rica. Mostly locals with a regular VIP crowd by reservation only. Hip Hop music with the latest mixes along with luxurious ambiance sets this Jaco Beach nightlife club apart from any other on the Central Pacific coast.
Hours: 9:00PM – 2:00AM 7 Days a week
Website: none
Cover Charge: $$$
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On the second floor of il Galeon Mall across from Tsunami Sushi. Plankton Bar is a popular bar that mingles dance music and drink specials. Plankton was one of the first Jaco Beach nightlife spots when clubbing began in 2005. Those were the days of Nacho Daddy’s set in the back of the same location.
Hours: 9:00PM – 2:30AM
Website: none
Cover Charge: ??

Tabacon Jaco:
If live music is your choice for Jaco Beach nightlife then this is the place for you. Tabacon Bar in Jaco has live music each week from Thursday to Saturday night. They have few billiards table for the traditional bar feel. Live Music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00pm on.
Hours: 11:00AM – ?? 7 days a week
Website: none
Cover Charge: ??

Malecon Bar:
Beach front bar, located on Bohio Street, 50 meters north. Great Reggae music, Pop latino and more. Also prices and food are good.
Hours: ??
Website: none
Cover Charge: ??

Clarita’s Bar
This place is mostly for the upper years crowd that wants the laid back atmosphere without the testosterone spiked dance clubs. Crowd is always friendly and filled with laughter. One of the best Jaco Beach nightlife beachside bar, if not the only one here in Jaco besides Bohio or Blackbeards.
Hours: 7AM – 1AM
Website: http://www.claritashotel.com/bargrill.html
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=611980816
Cover Charge: none

Beatle Bar Jaco
Do we really need to mention them? I think everyone knows what this place is or you will if this is your idea of a vacation.
Website: http://www.thebeatlebar.com
Hours: ??
Cover Charge: ??

Jaco Beach nightlife precautions

When dancing with unknown people be sure to hang onto your wallet especially if the girls starting rubbing you in a friendly way. We have heard of many people getting their wallets stolen from this stunt and if you do not think you are gods gift to the world, you will see this scam coming.

Allow at least one person in your group to stay sober if intoxication is the goal. Being intoxicated in a foreign country is not an ideal situation and you will get robbed if you are stumbling along Pastor Diaz in the wee hours. Do not rely on the police to maintain Jaco Beach nightlife safety and order, this is not North America and you will need to take care of yourself. Common sense seems to get tossed out the window when you start your official vacation. Maintain yourself as if you were back home and if you buy drugs, expect trouble. Best advice is to not buy drugs and enjoy the beach and rainforest. If you need to be numbed while you are here, you should stay home.

As Jaco grows the Jaco Beach nightlife scene changes both in options and during the High Season so check back here for updates to the club options available. If you have questions or comments about the Jaco Beach nightlife or want to add your favorite Jaco nightspot please add your comments below.

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  • Rhonda said:

    Evolution is a okay place too, it is above the Jaco Beach Subway sandwich shop which we ate at a couple of times. It was open late so we opted for it but after reading what this girl got:http://community.justlanded.com/en/Costa-Rica/forum/Stay-away-from-Subway-in I am scared to get tested for Hepatitis because of us eating there. Plus being drunk, I cannot even remember if it was clean or not.

  • Editor (author) said:

    I read the link Rhonda about the Jaco Subway in Costa Rica and I am no epidemiologist but that looks pretty thin by saying it was the only place she ate at. In fact, I would bet since she did not follow the rule, if you cannot boil it, peel it, or cook it you should forget it, might have gotten her sick when she was eating elsewhere. Two weeks and one time eating out? She must be a vegan, if so, that would be the easiest way to get sick here. I personally do not eat lettuce, tomatoes, or any veggie with a skin unless I wash it myself. If I am out, I will only eat those veggies if they are marinated in a vinegar which is DELICIOUS here in Jaco

    Finally, is there a rapid onset of symptoms for Hep A? I mean it is not like a cold or flu is it?

  • Bunny said:

    There is also a good place to go The Naked Iguana Wet & Sports Bar & Ocean Waves at the Copacabana Hotel.. They always have entertainment during the day and night. like Live Music, DJ’s, Bikini Contest, Latino Nights, every night something different.. Take a look to this place and you will agree. Open from 07.00am to 01.00am and you can also use one of the 2 swimming pools. Check them out a http://www.copacabanahotel.com/

  • Jeff said:

    Make sure you double check Jaco Beach cinema showtimes at jacobeachcinema.com

    We used the Grecia site and almost took our whole family to Jaco for a late afternoon showing of Batman but we checked the local cinema site linked from this blog and found a discrepancy. This is a screen shot showing that Batman was showing in English at 5:15pm with subtitles. http://i48.tinypic.com/1z5qm90.png but the jaco site said it was only at 9PM so we called and found it was only shown at 9PM like the jaco cinema site displayed. Thanks to whoever runs it, it saved us hours of travel time but it looks like we were not the only ones who got burned by the Grecia website :-/

  • Editor (author) said:

    Greetings Jeff and thanks for the comment. We appreciate your comments and we will be copying them to what we feel is a more appropriate post, a article on the Jaco Beach cinema we posted last year. We do understand that a movie would also be considered a nightlight activity.

    Pura Vida

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